Naves de cerámica

Located in the central street of La Rambla, C / Barrios.

In the eighties it carried out the rehabilitation of an old military parade, and a building is constructed to house specifically a traditional exhibition created by Don José Moreno (Mayor of the town in 1926) and born calls Ships Ceramics or Ships of the Exhibition.

In this exhibition the categories of ceramics, decoration and new forms as a wonderful journey through the world of the senses where the ability in design, skill in decoration and innovation, contribute dramatically to the splendor of these contests are formed.

Ceramic vessels consist of a very large main hall which is open to different types of events that take place in it and another ship that tested one of the bands of La Rambla.

Events that take place in it the most important are:

  • Wine tasting
  • Beer Tasting
  • Different types of concerts
  • Exhibition of pottery and ceramics from La Rambla
  • Carnival


Exposición de Alfarería y Cerámica

Expocision of pottery  and ceramics


Exposición de Alfarería y Cerámica



Naves de Cerámica

Principal nave



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