Pensioner home

It is locatedin known as “multi-purpose building”, this building was built as mayor of La Rambla D. Enrique Ruz Villegas and approximate date of construction was in 1986.

This is a public place where various activities for retirees, including playing bingo, ludo and other recreational games for entertainment in addition to these activities, in this place and billiards championships domiino become organized.

Pensioner home of the promenade performs various activities in which the largest share their spare time, made lunch and dinner in different rooms of celebrations of the boulevard, plus tributes to members of this society are made.

Thanks to this organization over the promenade can enjoy activities such as travel.
In this building for many years housed the Town Hall, it was later used by the Municipal Police barracks and prison. In this same building it was at first the Library. Also a meeting room and various multiple uses and on the ground floor is where is the home of the pensioner

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