Adult education school ”Dolorcita Fernandez”

The school ‘’ Dolorcita Fernandez’’ is situated between Del Moral and Consolación streets.


The center of adult education was built in 1985 as a municipal center of the town hall with the collaboration of the Education Concil.

The name chosen by people was ”Dolorcitas Fernandez”. She was a good and a modest woman that helped poor people in La Rambla.

The first school was a girl’s school.





We can distinguish 3 stages in its history:

  1. (1985- 1991). Literacy.
  2. (1991- 1998). Training for the world of work and the promotion of women. The students get a degree development of an ITC class and a training programme in the use of New Technologies.
  3. (2005). From adult education to permanent education.

-Now, new technologies are used in class thanks to the materials created by the teachers.

Every year all the students who go through this center make cultural trips to all regions of Spain.

Also, they travel to our neighboring country, Portugal, and in many occasions they cross to the Pirinees to visit France.


Currently the teaching of ‘’ Dolorcita Fernandez´s school” is:

  • Access to Intermediate Vocational Training (Night school).
  • Access to Higher Vocational Training (Night school)
  • Adult Education (NIght school)
  • Preparation for University Entrance Examination for students over the age of 25 (Night school).

Teachers:  Juan Fco. Sierra y Rafael Luque Ruiz

Bibliography: Juan Fco. Sierra gave the information.

Participants: Celia Osuna Arroyo (2014/2015) and Ana María Marín Salces (2015/2016)




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