You have just arrived to the website that augments and gives more meaning and content to differents corners and places in our village. If you have your Virtual Reality viewer ready, clic in the following icon to go to our virtual tour section, if you are walking around our village, please! use the map to find the QR codes that allow you know more about our favourite places.

CardboardIconThis website has been created by students of our high school, called IES Profesor Tierno Galván, as a interdisciplinary project driven by the Computing Sciences area. The target of this project is making visible the tangible and intangible heritage of La Rambla, their people, their traditions, their legends, and all  relevant information for visitors and citizens.

We hope you like it!

You can visite all the selected places by using this map, however we prefer you walk around our streets and discover the places tagged with QR codes, by scanning these codes you will connect places with augmented information.

For further information, we recommend reading our presentation.

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