Calle Carreteros

The Carreteros street is one of the most walkable village of La Rambla and major.It has more than 80 houses which are inhabited by people who have been born in the samevillage. In the past, the residents of the urban area of ​​La Rambla were assigned to different street name for it considering the location of certain offices in the street as the highway. Were people who had cars and carts.

Its history that characterizes occurred in the spring of 1907 in April. It happened a gruesome fact that shocked the whole region and especially people of the city. The person was called Concepción, lived in the highway street. It was known by the people as “Mary Toulon” and apparently it was criticized by its neighbors. It had a grudge, especially towards its two neighboring street and which carried an unjust vengeance that shook the whole town. The April 17 had luegar the fateful events; in a moment, blind with rage, “Mary Toulon” entered into the house of one of those neighbors and, after he was not the mother, took her cradle to her daughter and threw it into the well of the house number 19 Street Carreteros thereupon went out again and saw a son of another neighbor, took him in his arms and it also showed the same well.

By all accounts, the child was young, but he has enough age to understand what was happening, so much so that when he was going to the pit criying and begging him not to, but “Mary Toulon” did not piety, on the contrary, take the child after the well yielded several boards clothes, a sewing machine and a small kitchen table, all to ensure that children’s bodies sank to the bottom of the water. He spent a whole day of anguished search of parents, relatives, neighbors and authorities, and the children did not appear until the suspicion made them look at the well in question and there found the two little bodies lifeless Ana and Antonio, which thus They called the angels. The popular reaction was automatic, after news of the people in the crowd packed the street in no time Carreteros. This is one of the stories that characterize it and why it is a quite street visited by all tourists who come to the village.

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