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The origins of the Public Library in La Rambla dated 1986 when the authorities became worried about the history of the town, joining the Junta de Andalucía goal in favour of the creation of new libraries and specially the idea of a public library in La Rambla. In January, 1987, with a strong sense of durability and joined a legal frame for the first time, in the Building of Several and Different Uses, the library opened for all the inhabitants of the community.

Nowadays, the library is called “Fernando Almena”, an important author of theatre and young literature. The 26th of January of 2002, the situation of the library change to another place called “Llano del Convento”.

This is a wonderful place that at the moment has more than 15.000 documents, for any users. In addition, it has grown in facilities, adapting to the new technological advances.


The main objective of the library is providing information, education and leisure, giving free and unlimited access to knowledge, thinking and culture. Among its mail missions are: the creation and consolidation of reading habits for children, support to education, new possibilities for personal and creative development, encouragement of children and youngsters’ imagination and creativity, motivation for the cultural heritage, support to the oral tradition, easy access to the information by the Internet, the participation in programmes and activities in favour of reading. The library has got a big range of facilities:

  • Search and reading
  • Bibliography and reference information
  • Young section
  • Guide visit
  • Individual borrowing
  • “Hemeroteca y mediateca”
  • Free internet
  • Community information
  • Local deposit
  • Reprography
  • Cultural and library assistant information


Monday to Friday: 11 to 14 h – 17 to 20 h.
Saturdays (except summer): 11 to 14 h.

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This post has been elaborated by Rafi Estepa (2014/2015) and Andrea Parra Ruz (2015/2016).

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