Oil cooperative.

The cooperative of La Rambla is actually called “Cooperative our father Jesus Nazarene”. It is located in the calle Baja, without number.

Main entrance.

Main entrance.

It was created in 1963 to the to agree a few farmers of La Rambla among them Diego Gil Pedraza, who was the first President, and José Pedraza de la Rosa. This cooperative was created and built a mill in front of the municipal swimming pool, to be able to grind the olives of each of the partners, which in principle much angered the owners of the large number of mills that had spread throughout the city, because they not already milled olives in their Mills, and ended up closing its mills , which was as they were called then, and pointing to the new cooperative.

It is not known the number of current members and the amount of olives that are milled.


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