Pepe Castilla Place


Pepe Castilla Square is situated in the center of the town, near the town hall, up the street Mesones.This square leads to  Pedro Ruiz, Labradores and Barriollano streets.

In the last century,the casino “ Artisan Society”was placed in one of its  corners and as its name suggests, it was the meeting place of the various craft guilds at that time.



On 5th April  1988 Sir José Núñez de Arenas became one of the most loved and appreciated men in this town. Everyone knew him as “Pepe Castilla”. This man had a vocation for nursing, a profession he practiced for forty years and which he was dedicated to body and soul. Pepe did not understand schedules or days off; if he was needed, no matter whether it was morning or evening,  or whether it was Sunday or Monday, he was always there. One of his most recognized characteristics was his great generosity when serving poor patients. He didn’t charge for his work.

This nurse was married to Concepción Contreras, a woman who was his support and his partner until, unfortunately, Pepe died in 1988 on Palm Sunday. This woman is still living in the house they shared and where Pepe Castilla had his clinic. The house is located inLabradores Street, a few meters from a square,formerly knownas Llano Galán. later, it was renamed by unanimous decision of the City  Council and the village in general, Pepe Castilla Square, where a bust in bronze, tribute to beloved countryman, was placed.

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  • Folk wisdom
  • This post has been elaborated by Juan Manuel Ortíz (2014/2015) y Carmen Jiménez (2015/2016).


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