Ancestral home Asunción Ariza

The ancestral home Asuncion Ariza is placed in “Empredada street” in La Rambla.


It is know as ancestral home that house where a noble person lived or won a title or was an important person (a honour title, a rich person, a politician, or an important person). The facts that some centuries later the concept of an ancestral family home is taken into account, proves that this is due to the person living here: he had a honour title, distinction or worthwhile that was respected by society. This house belonged to nobility, more frequently in the places of local nobility as “Vizcaya” and the mountains in Santander (North of Spain). For that reason, it is a great pride that the town has more than one ancestral home (as a example of this, it is that of “Asuncion Ariza”) because it shows that there were families who belonged to nobility.



We don’t konw all the histoy of this place. It is not clear the century when it was built because there is not much information. In 1984, it was used as the centre to the High School Students Alejandro Lerroux. It was only used as this centre until two years later. In 1936 it was used again as a private family house.

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