Andalucia’s Garden


Andalucia’s Garden is an amazing tree-coverambla_4red space distributed in stepped terraces taking advantage of the natural slope of the town and built at the back of the old castle wall; Plaza de la Constitución (decorated by the so-called Birds’s Garden).


The creation of these gardens was conducted in the late 50s (being Mayor Don Jaime Valls Sánchez de Puerta) in what had been an old dump. Having undergone several renovations since then, the latest was undertaken by the House of Crafts and Employment Workshop “Alfonso Ariza” between 1988 -2000.

It is located on a steep slopeIMG-20150523-WA0014 with different heights forming distinct terraces. It is projected on the large canvas of the old city walls of the keep of the castle, under which a mine water springs forming an artificial lake with a geyser and a waterfall in front of a large square.

The plot has a surface of 630 m². This extension causes the garden occupies the streets: “Jardines de Andalucía”, “Barrios Street” and “Minilla Street”. The most abundant vegetation in our park is the fir, orange trees, hedges, pines and palms.


The usefulness of Andalucia’s Garden banda5 is very varied. Typically used for photo stories (like the photos for a wedding …), for weddings, bands contest … because it is richly decorated and its vegetation makes it an appropriate place for these types of events. It is also used for leisure and entertainment.



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