Cerámica Artística El Lobo

Cerámica Artística El Lobo is a family business founded in La Rambla (Córdoba) in 1963, directed by the Montaño Brothers, the sons of Juan Montaño Salado. It was devoted to the manufacture of ceramics household for 50 years. It has been characterized by its traditional manufacturing and originality, with over 200 different models of kitchen utensils and other gardening products, decorated and publicity. During 1987 electric ovens and gas oil were installed, but today natural gas is used to provide higher quality ceramics.

Collection has expanded with new decorations every year, all hand-painted, updating each model with unique designs developed by our team of experts in traditional ways.

Their production is aimed at pottery shops, crafts, group home, gifts and souvenirs. Elaborated art pieces hand-painted ceramics are taken to all over the Spanish territory and abroad.

They currently export their products to Ibiza, Mollorca and Tenerife, in addition to other countries such as France and the United States.


 -Direction:c/Cruz Verde, 42
-City: La Rambla.
-Province: Cordoba.
-Postal -Code: 14540
-Phone: 957684323
-Fax: 957684323
-E-Mail: info@ceramicaellobo.com
-Web: Http://www.ceramicaellobo.com

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·Cerámica Artística El Lobo


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