The Wall



This place is the last thing that we can see about the wall that protects the castle. The last part of the wall was demolished in the 19th century to build the street that is in front of the castle.

The origin of the wall and the castle is muslim, they were built in the Middle Age to defend the territory due to its position (they are looking to the “Campiña”), we can say that if the castle and the wall had been Christian, the location was found in the high part of the town.


So, as wall as castle are older than some near castle like the Montemayor’s castle, Monturque’s castle or Espejo’ castle. This castles was built by the christian.

 When Jaime Valls Sánchez was mayor, the “Jardines de Andalucía” was built for the castle and the wall have got a Christian appearance.



  • Asociación cultural de La Rambla.
  • Reviewed by María Ruiz Crespín (course 2015/2016).
  • Original article by Francisco Salces Valenzuela.

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