Hospital y Asilo Santísimo Cristo de los Remedios

  • Hospital/Asilo Santísimo Cristo de Los Remedios foundation is an independent organization whose mission is social and health care for particularly dependent elderly people, working with and for increasing their quality of life by developing support programmes and social inclusion.

    The genesis of the Foundation: The Foundation was created in 1932, at least with legal personality that now holds as its origins date back centuries, and it was in that same year of 1932, on the date of June 20, when It received the classification of Particular Benefit-government by ministerial order of the day.

    By Order of the Minister of Labour and Social Security of the Andalucia dated February 7, 1986, they were approved the Statute for which has governed the Foundation fulfill the different laws established to adapt dated April 20, 2004 to Law 50/2002 of 26 December, on Foundations; and the current adaptation and reform of the present, which have been drafted in compliance with the provisions of Law 10/2005 of May, Foundations of the Community of Andalucia 31.


    It is organized as a foundational organization, nonprofit, whose heritage is durably affected by the will of its creators, to the attainment of the objectives of general interest as detailed in these statutes.

    It has a very marked Christian spirit that endures today from the special arrival more than 130 years ago to the current premises of the Community of Mercy Sisters of Charity who today continue to manage the nursing home, and before attending the underprivileged through the old Charity Hospital and then to the school for children of La Rambla.

    So too has the presence among its founders employers to Ntra. Mrs. Parish. Of the Assumption, engine then and now also recognized not only social work at the local level, but because of its facilities occupy part of land that historically belonged to the Bishopric of Cordoba.

    Cite as important and fundamental basis of its founding to the generous people of La Rambla that countless times has participated with his altruism to the maintenance and support of its members and facilities there that among its founders be collected through this council of the town.

    We also need to emphasize that from behind several years the Christ of the Remedies hospital participates in the competition of May crosses, which begins in early May, where residents create a cross that is placed in the central courtyard. These crosses are usually always the awarded.


    -Address: Street La Iglesia, 1

    -Province: La Rambla Córdoba

    -Postal- code: 14540

    -Phone: 957 68 40 13

    -Fax: 957 68 49 53


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    ·Hospital y Asilo Santísimo Cristo de los Remedios

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