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In this location we are Alfonso Ariza’s House – museum, it is structured in two buildings concerning a court. In the first body there is located the house of the artist, store of his work, an office, and three rooms of exhibitions.

In three rooms and the court a permanent exhibition is located, in the room one we find painting materica and assemblies, in the room two we can see drawings and metal of small format, in the room 3 we will be so much impresionism gestual and abstract as ceramics and sculpture in terracotta and, finally, in the court we will be able to find sculpture in iron.

In the second body, we are a court and a landscaped zone, where there is distributed an area of workshop and a didactic classroom. In addition it possesses two rooms for itinerant exhibitions of differents artists.

Alfonso Ariza (1920-1989) was born in La Rambla (Córdoba) and realized a career of fine arts. Along his life, it realized multitude of exhibitions, both individual and collective.

The great dream of this versatile artist rambleño, real made in July, 1995 with the public opening of his doors and his presentation in company. But the great challenge was to provide with content and life to the museum, which the people were impregnating with the spirit of investigation and innovative that Alfonso Ariza always had.

With this character they have come developing a great number of activities that have included from the workshops of formation, to literary meetings, poetical readings, pictorial exhibitions, of sculptures or ceramic facilities. It is necessary to emphasize between other activities the Scholarship of sculpture in mud “Alfonso Ariza”, that every summer, in the last six years, congregates in La Rambla to a group of national and international artists, who are employed at the workshops for three weeks and expose works realized during this period of time.

Regardless the realized still they continue there being done many things more. In August, 2002 Alfonso Ariza notified to himself for the Council of Culture of the Meeting of Andalusia the incorporation of the House – museum in the Network of Museums of Andalusia.

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