House where borned corporal Bolineo


José Ruíz Gómez was born on June 17, 1877 in the bosom of a family from La Rambla.

In December 1895,  he joined the 17 Cuban battalion  as a volunteer  in Córdoba. He was promoted in  March 1896 and continued in  Córdoba until  November 10  of that year when he travelled to Barcelona as a member of the Philippines Expeditionary 8th Battalion, embarking on the steamship León XIII, with destination to the Philippines archipelago.

Thanks to  his behavior in the anti-rebel fighting, he was awarded his first merit military medal cross with red distinctive by the Captain General of the Philippines on April 22. At the end of June he took part  as a member of the steering wheel column of Calcumpil in operations with the insurgents of Bocane, therefore receiving the Silver Cross of merit military medal with red distinctive.

On the Peninsula, he was soon known the exploits of which would become known as <Cabo de Bolineo> given the press got rid in praise, asking honours and decorationss for soldiers and especially for Ruíz Gómez. Primo de Rivera, however, denied that had ocurred that siege, stating that it was Cape who sent a telegram to the war’s minister , being spread throughout Spain. Madrid newspapers, suchs as El Nacional, ridicule with the possibility that such conduct does not exit, in the case of a simple geographical accident. Fortunately, soon after, became known as the <heroism> which can be termed as <First of Philippines> if it took place and that the corporal was José Ruíz. Thereafter, Córdoba’s diaries  asked top honors.

As for the whereabouts of Ruíz Gómez, since May was it ignored, confirmed later that he was in possession of the tagalogs. Months after their freedom, to know his return, La Rambla was prepared to welcome it deserved. Between living and applause, became paternal home, at whose door reserve Adolfo Aguilar and Castilla Captain delivered a patriotic speech extolling its merits and rewarded little that so far, had been, then dispersing participants.

Ultimately, José Ruíz Gómez stressed in their own right in one of the wars that had further repercussions for the Spanish society of the time.

Bibliography: Revista Ámbitos número 2

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