House where Alfonso Ariza was born


The artist Alfonso Ariza, born in La Rambla (Córdoba) in 1920. Entered the School of Fine Arts of St. Elizabeth of Hungary in Seville, and got grant from the Diputación de Córdoba, to attend the School of Arts and Córdoba trades. He was one of the first artist to join informalist currents of Spanish post-war art.


The house where this great artist, was born, is located on Fernan Gómez Street, numer 20.

Casa donde nació Alfonso Ariza

Casa donde nació Alfonso Ariza


Alfonso Ariza was born at the beginning of the decade when Spain “officially” joined modernity, and so more concrete four years before they celebrated the mythical Iberian Exposition in Madrid’s Expo, during the month of April 1924. We do not know if this epiphany within that event marked or was decisive, but the reality of his work clearly tells us that this artist from La Rambla, Cordoba, always stayed in a research and vanguard. This unusual position in the contemporary art scene of Andalusian, is one of the factors that makes his work charged a higher interest. Inscribed in the language of abstraction from 1959, two years after the emergence of “El Paso” – Alfonso Ariza was, at the same time one of the few solitary walkers of informality in Andalusia, attentive witness to what happened in this region for forty years, a time period in which the Andalusian art world, either through the work of significant individuals, or in the formation of groups, experienced an evolution implies full approval from the rest of the country.

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