Manor of the family Ostos


There corresponds to the house number 28 of the C/. Barriollano of the La Rambla Córdoba.

This house of the family Ostos of middle of 19th century, It is a typical ancestral house. This type of housing was in the habit of having a double functionality the residential one and the productive one, this productive functionality has been the one that has determined his structure and spatial distribution. The ground floor is in the habit of presenting up to four squeaking covered with vaults of edges. In around of central corridor they arrange the different stays. The corridor was going from the door of entry up to the court, the stables and the kitchens of slaughters. They were not also absent in these houses a small warehouse where there were stored the products derived from the typical slaughters. The plant of above was destined for the storage of the production agro cattle.

This protected house since it is not possible to knock down for his architectural and environmental value.

These houses were in the habit of concerning to a nobles’ lineage or of rich that had a good social.

They were you live especially in summer, because in these temperatures is so hot season became more pleasant and bearable, because of its large courtyard where the lemon trees and the vines were common in these beautiful places also the presence of a source or well. The courtyards have high importance because at night the whole house cooled off after a hot day.


Barriollano 28


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