Espiritu Santo Nursery

The nursery of the Espiritu Santo was a nursery located in the street Espiritu Santo in the Church of the Espiritu Santo where is located the picture of Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno. In the beginning it served as a hospice for orphans from La Rambla, and later also became in a nursery where teachers taught class with the nuns who cared for them. The nursery was divided into two classes and offered the option of dining room for children, thanks to the nuns who were at that time.

This place made the role nursery until about 1999-2000 when the nursery moved to Trinitarios Square, just below the library.

From that time the place was empty, but a few years later was occupied by a new congregation of nuns, called “Hermanas de San Juan y Santo Domingo” who today use this room for different activities with the sole aim to survive .

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