Calle Las Flores



“Calle Las Flores” is located between Calle Valenzuela and the Plaza del Convento. At the beginning of this street we can find public buildings such as the local library  and the Nursery.


“Calle las Flores” whose original name was “Calle Melorenos” was transformed by mayor Don Jaime Vall in the early 30s. He put bows and pots hanging with beautiful flowers, which were kept by neighbours. After that, the street was renamed as Calle de las flores.


It is one of the harrowest and smallest streets in La Rambla, so it is only allowed the crosswalk since its small size does not allow the fact that cars could cross it.

The houses are decorated with bright, flashy colours and a large variety of flowers, which are grouped in pots. This is a sign of La Rambla, known for its pottery.


Today, the “Calle Las Flores” is one of the busiest streets by residents and tourists as it is located very close to two main resorts of our town, which are the Plaza of Spain Square and Andalusia Gardens. Finally, it should be noted that in this alleyway there is a veterinary clinical center, which is the only one all around the town.




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