Sports Center San Lorenzo La Rambla

Around 2002 the football field La Rambla was made of earth and it was difficult to play in these conditions , as almost all the surrounding fields were made of artificial turf.

A if the Delegation of Cordoba invested a significant amount of money to do besides take care lawn with specialized machines for treatment , watering etc.

Another important investment of the municipality of the promenade was build the two paddle tennis courts of which we possess from about 2007 and its alkylation is free and is done from the office.

Besides La Rambla has lots of football teams federated all ages. Also possess a women’s soccer team and various club activities such as paddle tennis, tennis football etc.

In the sports center of La Rambla is the Municipal Sports Council with the following services :

  • Reception.
  • Office of the Coordinator
  • 5 offices for clubs
  • Boardroom
  • Assembly Hall
  • Physiotherapy room
  • It also has other services
  • 8 Changing rooms
  • Public services
  • Warehouses
  • 2 Stores for football clubs
  • Volunteers Sports Headquarters
  • Civil Protection Headquarters
  • Ticket office
  • Fitness gym and fitness
  • Sauna
  • Athletics Track 400 m . of asphalt
  • Cover room , 25 x 17 m . shared with the IES .
  • 2 dressing rooms or disabled or Warehouse Service
  • Polideportiva track 40 x 20 ( Futsal – Handball and Tennis ) , closed
  • Tennis court
  • Football field 100 x 58 ( 2 football pitches 7) artificial turf
  • Outdoor track running track and football field
  • Indoor 35 m . with box seats 15 running track and football field.
  • 2 track Padel artificial turf .

Articulo realizado por Juan Manuel Muñoz  (curso 2014/2015)

Articulo revisado por Jose Andres Luque Del Rio (curso 2015/2016)



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