The House Brotherhood of the Brotherhood of the Holy Christ of humility

The Brotherhood of Santisimo Cristo de la Humildad, Santisimo Cristo de la Misericordia, Nuestra señora de las Angustias y Nuestra Señora del Calvario are located next to the chapel in the north of the town.

This place not only serves to organise meetings among the directors of the brotherhood, to guard ‘’steps’’ and badges, it also serves for the gathering of the all the brothers who will go through the  penance station because the chapel is too small for all Nazarenes to stand.

But if anything stands out about this place is what it has been doing for several years now, they are the famous ” Cuartelillos ” of La Rambla where the brotherhoods make a sort of bars confreres offer the consumer the right mood Lent (which are open at the time ) , drinks and different tapas to eat , brotherhood aims to benefit from the next Easter . This house – brotherhood is the seat of humility , open every Sunday of Lent. It is very famous because it is surrounded by a car-free zone for parents to relax with their children. It also has a terrace for sunny weather and a lounge for bad weather . Also in this room cooking competitions take place , ” noches saeteras ‘ day together, drawing competitions in these 40 days . In any season this room is also rented for private use of a celebration like baptisms, birthdays, etc.

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