The house where Alejandro Lerroux was born



This house was inhabited by the family Lerroux-García in 1864. The 4th March of this year Alejandro came into the world, fifth son of a military veterinarian. He stayed only 40 days in “La Rambla” because his family had to move due to the father´s profession. In 1875, The family settle down in Barcelona, place where Lerroux began his studies which he didn´t finish until he was 59.

 lerroux3He had different jobs until he started working as an editor in “El País”, where he became director in 1893. In the nineties, he began to realte with politicians of the moments like Ruiz Zorrilla. At the beginning of the 20th century, he began his interest in the republicanism; next, he joined in the party of “La Unión Republicana” where he bacame member of parliament in 1901, 1903 and 1905. After the dissolution of this party, he founded the “Partido Republicano Radical” in 1908.

He was exiled two times, in 1907 and 1909. He got back to his seat in 1910, moment in which his republicanism changed and wasn’t as revolutionary as it was before.

After Primo de Rivera´s coup d´état, in 1926 he participated in the creation of the “Alianza Republicana” and afterwards, in the “Pacto de San Sebastián” in 1930.

With the electoral victory of the traditionalist alliance, in 1933, Alejandro Lerroux García was proclaimed president.At the beginning of 1936, the Parliament was dissolved and Lerroux´s party didn’t obtain good results in the next election.

After the beginning of the Civil War, Alejandro exiled to Portugal, where he stayed until 1947, moment in which he returned to Spain. He moved to Madrid, where he died in 1949.



Alejandro Lerroux

Documento Los Pueblos de Córdoba/ biografias


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