The Municipal Stall


The Municipal Stall, it is a municipal enclosure of The Ravine, one places in the Street Neighborhoods 48 (close to the center of health), used for the celebration of concerts as well as the sports practice, from the year 2005, between others basketball and volleyball.

Call like that, for being long ago a municipal shed of the Fair The Ravine, from the year 2005 the installation is in use for the federated competition of basketball, since it counts with graderío and sufficient lighting to dispute federated parties.

Also it is used for exhibitions of Kung fu as it is used for celebrations of local holidays as: carnival, mad cars, holiday of end of course students, actions of dance…

Sometimes it is used as summer cinema.

The municipal shed presents the following characteristics:

-Track of 28 x 16

-2 Wardrobes

-Services of ladies and gentlemen

-Wardrobe for umpires


-Steps for 400 seated spectators

-A.C.S. by means of thermos of light of 100 l.

-Store of the bar

- Bar

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The Municipal Stall

Made by Andrés Soler

Edited by José Garrido

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