The mansion of the family Cabello Cobos.

You are in front of one of the most prestigious houses in the south of Cordoba, Cabello de los Cobos mansion, which is one of the best old architecture example in the area.

The facade is made of red marble typical of Subbética and has a doric lintel structure.

Inside, it is comprised by a huge hall where carriages were parked. Through this hall you can get into the most important patio of the house. Wooden arches supported on imposing columns form this beautiful yard. It also must be said that it has got a large stable and majestic stairs that allow you to climb to the second floor where the oratory and the rooms are located.

The different Casa-palacio Cabello de los Cobos owners welcomed many illustrious people there such as Carlos III or Felipe V. You can read more about this here. Currently, Martín Cabello de los Cobos is the owner. You cannot visit its inside since it is a private property.

Outside and inside images of the mansion:

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