Nursery School

You are at  the Town Nursery school.

This public school was opened in the year 2000 and currently consists of six classrooms (each with its own toilet) a dining room, a kitchen, a games room, a meeting room and a courtyard. 

The centre timetable is  flexible: the entry is between 8.30 and 9.00 am and departure times are at  13.30 and, for children who have lunch here,15.00. Children are given a healthy menu made and approved by the catering belonging to the center.  

Students are divided into classes according to their age; from four months to one year old,   from  one to two years old and finally,  from two to three years old ( the Spanish schooling age)

This school gets subsidies from the regional government in order to help the families who cannot pay the full amount of the registration fee. Here, you can find the 2015-16 registration form.

You can get in touch with any worker of the nursery through its phone 957684229 or its email

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