Swimming Pool

It was not until August 7, 2010 that the Local Swimming pool of La Rambla reopened. Since then, it has been refurbished and  remodelled for two years. It is located at the entry of the village opposite the Sports Pavilion and occupies an extension of  1,500 m2. 

It is a relaxing and calm place to spend time with your family or friends.  In fact,  the pool is very much a community hub, it has become a truly great place for all members of the community to get involved in sport and exercise.

Among the amenities during the summer months, there are lots of aquatic activities on offer that appeal to all ages and abilities. In total there are approximately three courses throughout the summer season and  they have a duration of fifteen days or three weeks each of them. The venue possesses two swimming pools, the bigger one for adults and a smaller one, for children. They are both salt water swimming pools.

Swimming pool for adults

 The facilities include :

  • Swimming pool 25 x 12 ‘ 5 (for adults).
  • Swimming pool of 63.5 m2 (for children).
  • Hall with ticket office.
  • Two wardrobes.
  • Lockers, where one can keep the material for all the courses.
  • Biblio-swimming pool.
  • Two classrooms for the summer school.
  • Restaurant at the entry of the enclosure.
  • From two to three professional lifeguards.
  • A gym that is in use for spinning sessions.
  • Great area of natural lawn.


 The activities that it offers are some :

  • Swimming Courses:
    • Children under 3.
    • Beginner.
    • Advanced.
  • Freestyle swimming.
  • Special swimming.
  • Swimming School.
  • Swimming for Senior
  • Aquagym for Adults and for Senior people.
  • Aquaerobic.


Bibliography: larambla.es/deportes/instalaciones/piscina-municipal

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