Fuente del Abad


It is located in a place five hundred meters south of the town of La Rambla in the old road to Santaella.The Fuente del Abad is a great picnic area where people from village are used to go to eat outdoors and celebrate, since it is a beatiful and peaceful natural area.


Actuallly it is an architectural ensemble of two fountains. The bigger one has got a large rectangular facade, it is nearly three metres high and there is a triangle on the top of it with the name of the place. Water is spurted into two pools.The other fountain has got a triangular facade and the water falls from two spouts into a rectangular pool.


Two important fests are celebrated there every May. First, the cattle fair with its exciting horse contes. Then, on the 15th, the pilgrimage of Saint Isidro.


Feria del Ganado

Cattle fair

Fuente principal

Principal fountain









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