Avenida Autos Locos

Valenzuela street is connected to the “Paseo de España”, España Square and Barrios street, near Flowers street.

It is only for pedestrians due to its size. Here we can find the famous local butcher’s “Portero”. This street is also known as Wacky Avenue because Wacky Races are held here on the second or third weekends of September.

The Wacky Races is the most recent local festival, since its origin dates back to 2004. This festival is organized by the Local Youth Association, The Red Whale, and everyone is invited to participate.

Before the cars start downhill the street, there is a Batukada band that encourages people with their songs. Then all the drivers meet and agree the competition rules and, finally, the race begins. It is constantly supervised by a team of 40 members of the Red Whale and the Association of local volunteers, who are responsible for the security.  Prizes are divided into three categories: the funniest car,  the most original car and the most crafted car. Afterwards, there is a big party with music, food and drinks at the local caseta. 


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  • La ballena roja
  • Hermandad de la Esperanza

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  • La ballena roja
  • Rafael Casas Ferreras

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